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In the United States, the average construction project is 80 percent over budget making it on average nearly twice as expensive than it should be to complete The average project is 20 months overdue.

sUAS / Drone acquisition is the fastest most actionable platform to collect information on your job site. It’s fast, accurate and it saves time and time-saving equals money savings for your business. Contact Us to meet with us and get your demonstration to massive savings today. This is the direction of modern construction data collection. Don’t be left behind!

Industrial Mapping Services

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with Drone View Reports. Construction site aerial imagery and data collection is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders. Drone View Reports has worked on many construction sites and holds all the necessary insurance to perform the job safely and under compliance. Drone View Reports has trained pilots and all of our crew is OSHA 10 Certified.

Thermal Imaging Analysis

Infrared inspections are non-destructive, highly efficient and provide a visual qualification of damaged areas. Our FLIR XT Radiometric 640 X 512 30 Hz infrared cameras show you thermal anomalies, qualify or quantify them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and document them with professional IR reports. We can save a building owner or insurance company many thousands of dollars with one report. We can even tell you if a job was done right for installation verifications.

Architecture Design

Drone technology is helping redefine the way we design, construct and maintain buildings. Drones do more than just take photos — they can benefit both the builder and owner by improving design accuracy, overall quality, and long-term maintenance. Thanks to software and technology advancements, drones can be used in various stages of a building’s life and can perform several key functions, including: Assessing greenfield site conditions - Aiding with site planning and layout - Capturing construction progress photos - Performing 3D scans of existing structures - Creating virtual building models - Assisting with ongoing maintenance and damage assessment - Marketing and business development

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Building Maintenance Management

Inspecting large institutional and commercial facilities and assets can be a challenging, dangerous and dirty job. Ensuring that assets are performing reliably to design standards means balancing tight budgets and aging infrastructure or finding new ways to maximize the value of existing assets. As digital technologies merge with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones, maintenance and engineering managers maintain assets and facilities while also reducing costs and safety risks.

A Fully Integrated Engineering Inspection and Design Assistance Service

Engineers and architects alike often are called to assess the condition of structures, These assessments can take place high up in unsafe or inaccessible areas. Our skills and equipment allow you to stay on the ground and out of harm’s way safe and sound.  We will take to the skies and gather precise data which you review onsite in the “SCOOB” mobile workstation guaranteeing you leave your site with the details you need.

Drone-based roofing and structure assessment solutions deliver you accuracy, safety, and speed for precise measurement and inspection with high-grade cameras and Flir Infrared sensors.

Drone View Reports

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Drone View Reports Powered by Aerial Camera Services LLC

Aerial Camera Services LLC

Aerial Data Collection Services

Drone View Reports Powered by Aerial Camera Services LLC

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Our team includes expert FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate holders. We are insured with options to $10,000,000.00 liability and all of our staff is OSHA 10 Certified so you can be assured we work safely on your job site.

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My father always said if you aren’t going to do the job right then there is no sense even showing up to work. Our work will be your pleasure.

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Our training and data collection methods ensure you get the best data possible.

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