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Building and construction site aerial drone inspections can be a simple, one-time aerial image from repeatable angles or multiple images over a specific time period. Larger construction projects will benefit from scheduled flights showing progress on the jobsite. With Aerial Camera Services your location’s data will be collected at predetermined intervals or at specific project milestones. This data collection requires no direct interaction with the site allowing work to continue undisturbed. Once the aerial data is uploaded to our online cloud platform, clients can analyze the as-built data using a variety of reporting tools. These range from Photorealistic 3D models, surface & volume measurements, BIM comparisons, and timeline progress data. All of this information can easily be annotated, measured, and shared with other construction managers or building owners. 

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Monitoring Progress

By using drones, reporting is easier and more accurate than ever; capturing real-time progress and project updates as they occur. A recent study from Georgia Tech indicates that job efficiency improves by 50 percent when using drones in construction.

Architectural Drone Services in MA

WOrker Safety

Drones help reduce the risk of worker injury as imagery and videos help see what is taking place at the site. Preventable issues like shallow excavations, unstable structures, poor equipment placement, or worker safety become that much easier to anticipate, prevent, and rectify. Seeking better ways to inspect job sites and identify potential hazards before they become dangerous, companies are increasingly turning to drones to improve efficiency and overall safety for workers. The end result is a much safer construction site and less financial exposure to the project and the firm’s stakeholders.

Construction Drone Services in MA


An alternative to in-person site tours, drones take photos of the construction sites and provide real-time updates to stakeholders and customers. With their capability to report site progress remotely, drones bring your job sites into your office. With cloud solutions, data collected from above can be stored for tracking progress over time and making work collaboration and site safety simple and acheivable.

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