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Drone Services for Solar Farms

Spanning thousands of acres of open land, solar farms need to maximize both space and solar charging capability while improving inspection and energy yields over time. The integration of drone technology improves the efficiency and accuracy of solar farm inspections, as well as minimizing the challenges that on-site teams face, such as highly irradiated areas.

Drones make this possible:

  • Pre-Construction Surveying & Mapping. Through drone scanning, we can use several methods including LiDAR, infrared, and high-resolution RGB to obtain accurate positional data. We can also provide 3D images that improve your design to maximize both land use and solar charging capabilities.
  • Drive Higher Energy Yields. By performing thermal surveys of the solar farm, you’ll have the data necessary to determine areas of underperformance as well as inspect racking & mounting, inverters, panels, site vegetation or soiling issues quickly and inexpensively at utility-scale solar farms to maximize the site’s revenue. FlyGuys works closely with our technology partners to deliver industry-leading analysis.

Aerial Camera Services/ Droneview Reports brings experienced, FAA-licensed, insured pilots and data services for energy asset inspections.

Aerial Camera Services pilots are FAA licensed, insured, and experienced. 

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Solar Asset Inspections

Our solar inspection services include anaerial scan of the site giving you a high-resolution base map of your solar asset. This gives the you an accurate to date representation on a map. We also collect data for an in depth inspection from the air using  one of many of our Mavic 3T Enterprise or our DJI Matrice M210 sUAS carrying the DJI Zenmuse XT2 radiometric 13mm thermal camera. Once the data has been collected, we then analyze and annotate our findings. Lastly, the images are uploaded to the online platform, RaptorMaps for a comprehensive report. You are given secure access to your data.You will have access to the images plus annotations that were uploaded alongside the current orthomosaic basemap.

Our Industrial Equipment

Nothing is left to chance when collecting your data. We use state of the art sensors and aircraft therefore, you can be sure your information gets to you and your team quickly and safely.

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